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Lua scripting in Redis 0

Lua scripting in Redis

Lua Scripting You can kind of think of lua scripts like redis’s own SQL or stored procedures. It’s both more and less than that, but the analogy mostly works. Maybe you have complex calculations...

Why is memcached slow as compared to ehcache 0

Why is memcached slow as compared to ehcache

Should you choose memcached or ehcache? Aside from the API differences you noted, the major difference here is going to be that memcached lives in a different process while Ehcache is internal to the...

Can we use JCS for di 0

Can we use JCS for distributed cache?

JCS is a very popular caching framework since early 2000s. It claims to be more faster than ehcache for heavy get operations related applications. They also claim that they can be used as distributed...

What is Java 9 jlink? 0

What is Java 9 jlink?

What is jlink? Jlink is Java’s new command line tool which allows you to link sets of modules (and their transitive dependencies) to create a run-time image. Java has always had dynamic linking, but with...