How to avoid callback hell – Async vs Promises

There are the various ways of writing asynchronous code and if there is any better way of writing such code, we should go for it. I have attached the 4 different ways of writing the same asynchronous code. It’s a dummy code which basically invokes 3 ajax calls where 2nd call is dependent on first and third one is dependent on second.

1.Callback Hell – Here all the callback logic goes into the unnamed anonymous success/error callbacks. It grows in a nested way and can become almost impossible to debug.

2. Promises – Here all callback logics go inside the chain of then. Promises, I think was introduced in JavaScript in 2015

3. Async – Here we can define functions as async and inside them we can have await logics. Await will wait for the completion of that specific piece of code. Async was introduced in Javascript in 2017

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