Getting CPU usage in Java 9 – Process API improvements

The process API has been improved for controlling and managing operating-system processes.

Process Information

The class java.lang.ProcessHandle contains most of the new functionalities:

ProcessHandle self = ProcessHandle.current();
long PID = self.getPid();
ProcessHandle.Info procInfo =;
Optional<String[]> args = procInfo.arguments();
Optional<String> cmd =  procInfo.commandLine();
Optional<Instant> startTime = procInfo.startInstant();
Optional<Duration> cpuUsage = procInfo.totalCpuDuration();

The current method returns an object representing a process of currently running JVM. The Info subclass provides details about the process.

Destroying Processes

Now – let’s stop all the running child processes using destroy():

childProc = ProcessHandle.current().children();
childProc.forEach(procHandle -> {
    assertTrue("Could not kill process " + procHandle.getPid(), procHandle.destroy());

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