How do we implement semaphore in Java

A semaphore is a particular lock that allows more than one thread to access the target object. It’s like having more keys, so that many people can unlock the door.
This is how a semaphore would look like if we had to write it in Java:

public class Semaphore {
	private int counter = 0;
	private int max   = 0;
	public Semaphore(int max){
		this.max = max;
	public synchronized void take() throws InterruptedException{
		while(this.counter == max) wait();
	public synchronized void release() throws InterruptedException{
		while(this.counter == 0) wait();

In this example we shall show you how to use a Semaphore for limiting URL connections. We have implemented a class, ConnectionLimiter that uses a Semaphore

public class ConnectionLimiter {
   private final Semaphore semaphore;
   private ConnectionLimiter(int maxConcurrentRequests) {
 semaphore = new Semaphore(maxConcurrentRequests);
   public URLConnection acquire(URL url) throws InterruptedException,IOException {
 return url.openConnection();
   public void release(URLConnection conn) {
 try {
     * ... clean up here
 } finally {

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