Why is memcached slow as compared to ehcache

Should you choose memcached or ehcache?

Aside from the API differences you noted, the major difference here is going to be that memcached lives in a different process while Ehcache is internal to the JVM – unless configured to store on disk or in a cluster.

This mainly means that with Memcached you always need a serialized version of your objects and you always interact with a different process, remote or not.

Ehcache, and other JVM based caching solutions, start with a on-heap based cache initially which allows lookups to be simply about handling references to your Java objects.

Of course this means that the objects keep living in the Java heap, increasing memory pressure. In the case of Ehcache 3.x you have the option to move to offheap memory and more, allowing to grow the cache without impacting JVM heap.

At this point, the benefit of Memcached may be that you want non Java clients to access it.

And the final decision really is in your hands. Caches are consuming memory to provide reduced latency. What works for you may be different than what works for others. You have to measure and decide.

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