How to return multiple results from a LUA script

There are many ways of returning multiple results by executing a lua script. You can return list of results. In my case I was only interested in 2 results, so I used string concatenation separated by a space. So here is the snippet from code which I have written. It is using jedis client to communicate with redis server using lua script

 String script1 = "local s1 ='hget','" + cacheKey + SEMI_COLON + REDISSTATS_CACHE_PROPERTIES
                        + "','" + PROP_MAXELEMENTSINMEMORY + "')";
                String script2 = "local s2 ='hget','" + cacheKey + "','" + REDISSTATS_CACHE_CURRENTCOUNT
                        + "')";
                String fullScript = script1 + " " + script2 + "if(s1 == false) then s1  ='null' end   if(s2 ==false) then s2 = 'null' end   return s2 .. ' ' .. s1";

So am executing to redis calls , storing them in variables s1 and s2, concatenatin s1 and s2 and finally returning the conctaenated result. In my java class I will obviously split the result.

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